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Tutorials » Sculpt face in 10 minutes 28mm/54mm
Sculpt face in 10 minutes 28mm/54mm

Sculpt face in 10 minutes 28mm/54mm

Sculpt face in 10 minutes 28mm/54mm

After a break it’s high time to prezent another tutorial – this time I can show you fast and quite easy metod of sculpting faces.
A word of explanation – because I didn’t want to take a picture every 2 minutes while writing  this tutorial to present all steps, I decided to sculpt 6 heads at once, but only one of them has been finished.

Of course this metod shows only fast way to sculpt proper face in 10 minutes. If you want to achieve really fine look, you have to sculpt the face in several stages because top of the nose, lower lip and lower eyelid look better if made of added pieces of greenstuff, rather than bended and stretched what is already on the head.

I also want to point that described action are only basic informations. When you work with soft material you’ll have to correct it constantly because pressing it in one place may cause deformation in the other. That’s the dwawback of sculpting face in one stage. Another disadvantage is, that I found it impossible to sculpt open mouth with teeth and other details without letting model ling mass cure – such job has to be made in stages.

1.Basic shape
2.I marked eyeball and upper eyelid with needle
3.Using needle I stretched some gs from cheek and formed lower eyelid.
With  sculpting tool I pressed nares and  gap under  upper lip.
4.I formed eyebrows using needle, and pressed 2 wrinkles over the nose.
I also pressed 2 wrinkles between which lower lip will be formed
5.Forehead is formed in this stage i I added depressions over eyebrows.
Lower lip was formed by pressing gs with modelling tool
6.In this step I added more wrinkles - on forehead and coming down from

I hope you’ll find it useful

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