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1. I placed the order but didn't get email with payment details. What should I do?

I paid for the order. When will I get the parcel?


What is shipping cost?

  • The exact price in the drop-down list when choosing a country.
  • The shipping cost to Poland is 14.00 PLN
  • The shipping cost to Europe depends on the country. Usually it is 12.00€. Sometimes 9.00€ or 10.00€ or other. 
  • Usually the shipping cost to North America, Africa is 14.50€. 
  • Usually the shipping cost to South America, Asia is 20.50€. The shipping cost to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico is 14.50€
  • The shipping cost to Australia and New Zealand is 16.50€
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