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Monstrous News
Monstrous News

Monstrous News

Witcher 3 Collectors Edition Figure

Last year, I - Scibor together with two friends of mine, Adam and Tomek – set up a sculpting and graphic studio - UDock. Judging by the activity on our Facebook profile we seemed to loaf … Wrong!!!!

The truth is that with great joy and commitment we took the challenge of designing and sculpting a figure for the collector’s edition of mega blockbuster Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - another part of the great RPG game from CD Projekt RED stable. Starting from drawings, sketches in plasticine through the process of carving up to the colour designing.  After few months of work we are proud to present a finite sculpture. By the way, a big thanks to the CD Projekt's  team for trust, creative input and to make it possible for us to contribute in the upcoming of Witcher 3.

In the next few days I will present you more pics with the process of creating Witcher’s Figure.
Best regards
Scibor Teleszynski

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